Emotions in Leadership

Whether we like it or not, and however much we’d like to think of ourselves as rational human beings, we are living in bodies that have strong ties to their emotions. And if we are leading a team of other human beings, we are not only connected to them through rational thought (think goals, projects,Continue reading “Emotions in Leadership”

The role of interconnectedness in product work

“What makes an excellent product manager?” was a question I was recently asked while speaking to somebody who is currently working remote in a product role. One of my favorite responses to this is how Marty Cagan describes the role of a product manager as being in charge of “discovering solutions that are valuable, usable,Continue reading “The role of interconnectedness in product work”

Team Building for Remote Teams

Many of us work in fully remote or hybrid teams these days. When you get hired into a leadership role for a remote or hybrid team – especially in organizations who have only worked in that style for the last two years, you may find that really challenging. There are a number of reasons whyContinue reading “Team Building for Remote Teams”

How might we get more comfortable with challenging situations?

Life is throwing new challenges at us almost all the time. As Leaders feeling challenged is something all of us face. We are continuously tasked to come up with solutions to complex problems, often while no obvious best approach is known to us (or anyone in our team). That can makes us feel inadequate orContinue reading “How might we get more comfortable with challenging situations?”

How much change is too much?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit more certainty again? Like you plan your vacation and you feel pretty sure you’ll actually be able to go? No need for checking the cancellation policy and the Covid related refund policy, no worry about a relatively realistic chance of getting sick in another country, no worryContinue reading “How much change is too much?”

I really dislike those forced fun exercises

[Photo by Frank Leuderalbert on Unsplash] I’ve heard this so many times. I really dislike those organized fun games at work and I really don’t want to be a part of it. And at the same time we are all experiencing a massive loss of joy and connection that happened as a result of notContinue reading “I really dislike those forced fun exercises”

Does work / life feel like too much right now?

When is the last time you experienced being at work (or generally in life) like sitting on a swing by the ocean? Picture an experience of pure joy, lightness, ease and fun? Chances are that these are not the adjectives that come to your mind when you think of work (and given our experience ofContinue reading “Does work / life feel like too much right now?”

Scaling remote teams in a Pandemic

Scaling teams is hard enough in normal times, but scaling remote teams in a Pandemic is a special kind of hard. All those “soft” skills around team building, trust building, relationship building out of a sudden become non-negotiable success factors for leaders. They become the new “hard” skills in successfully leading a remote team. InContinue reading “Scaling remote teams in a Pandemic”

OKRs and Trust

As we’re getting to the end of 2021 a lot of teams are thinking about Strategy for 2022 and their first set of OKRs for the coming year. I’m a huge fan of working with OKRs as a goal setting mechanism with empowered teams. And I should add ONLY with empowered teams. It is aContinue reading “OKRs and Trust”

Retention and inclusion

We have all had plenty of time to think and reflect through this pandemic, and people are leaving their organizations at record levels. Some of the most basic reasons why people are leaving their job is because they simply do not like or enjoy it. And often times that is because we feel: unappreciated unseenContinue reading “Retention and inclusion”