Questions worth pondering

A great question can function like a compass. I recently hosted two workshop experiments. One on learning about product leadership, and a similar one on learning about leadership. My learning journeys about product and leadership both started with me at some point asking myself good questions about what makes a good product manager and leader.Continue reading “Questions worth pondering”

Powerful questions about leadership

When we learn something new, we are best set up to retain information and create new habits, when we are following one of our own interests. The latest research from neuroscience shows how our brain literally shapes itself following what we put our mind to, what emotions are present, and how we move our body.Continue reading “Powerful questions about leadership”

Learning with your product team

For many years I have worked with product teams. And while there are certainly overarching skills, tools and insights for every product role to have, it is just as true that no two product teams are working in the exact same context. So thinking that you can take what works for one product team andContinue reading “Learning with your product team”

Agile makes sick

“Agile makes sick” was the provocative title of one of the sessions I joined at the Agile Cologne open space a few weeks ago. Obviously the session title was meant to provoke. Obviously the person bringing the topic deeply valued agile ways of working in principle. And yet: he had good examples of people whoContinue reading “Agile makes sick”

Creating a context to thrive in

When I’m watching kids play, it’s striking that they create whole worlds out of their imagination, using whatever is there to work as props and tools. And what they don’t have, they simply make up. I’ve been “served coffee” (imaginary fluid pouring out of a sand mold and into a fist), I’ve been given giftsContinue reading “Creating a context to thrive in”

Navigating life and work with joy

Wouldn’t we all want to simply have somebody giving us the recipe for a happy, successful and fulfilling life? And at work, how awesome would it be to have a handbook for how to do your job successfully while having fun? If these were not questions so many of us have on our mind, thereContinue reading “Navigating life and work with joy”

The secret sauce to successful hybrid or remote teams

There is no “simply going back” to how we used to work in an office after two years of us first being forced to, and then getting used to working remote. People rightfully want to keep having the advantages of the added flexibility and better work/life balance a remote or hybrid work style offers toContinue reading “The secret sauce to successful hybrid or remote teams”

Leading Innovation – joyfully playing with and co-creating out of uncertainty

Almost every place I ever worked at would have loved to be known for being constantly innovative. And very few of them actually managed to figure out the setups, contexts, behaviors, resources and focus to execute on this. With the years of watching organizations fail to sufficiently start to build innovation into their DNA, IContinue reading “Leading Innovation – joyfully playing with and co-creating out of uncertainty”

Inclusivity has a direct link to your bottom line

If you are leading a hybrid or remote team today and you are not focusing on creating a culture of inclusivity and belonging, you will very likely not go as far as you could and quite likely simply fail in the long run. Here is why you will pay a high price for this omission:Continue reading “Inclusivity has a direct link to your bottom line”

Psychological safety does not magically feel good

Many of us have read the research by Google on psychological safety as a signifier of high performing teams. And many organizations, team leaders and team members would love it, if we could simply turn a switch and voilĂ , our team has psychological safety. So why is it so hard to get psychological safety bakedContinue reading “Psychological safety does not magically feel good”