Here is a selection of topics I have explored with leaders:

You experience your role as a leader as stressful and at times scary. You’d love to create the impact you want with a lot more joy and ease. How might you get there?

You want to grow as a leader and figure out how to scale the impact you want to create while simultaneously having more joy and energy showing up in your team?

You find that your remote product teams are lacking a sense of engagement and innovation is suffering? How can you build a more engaged, more innovative team?

You have high turnover in your team and look to change the underlying cultural dynamics that may lead to high attrition?

You are working with hybrid or remote teams and wonder how to build trust and psychological safety into the team?

You struggle to prioritize strategic work and look for a sparring partner to ensure your focus on it?

Leadership is a lifelong journey. Let’s walk a part of the way together!

If you are looking for coaching, this page describes ways in which we can work together. I also offer webinars, workshops and speaking engagements. I speak German and English and can work with you and your team in either language.

Individual Leadership coaching

We will typically spend a few months working together. Usually in 60-90min sessions every two to four weeks. After defining your leadership development goals we set up a series of coaching sessions to jointly create the inner resources (e.g. values, purpose, knowledge of inner allies and saboteurs) that let you create and enjoy the impact and life you want as a leader. Book your free coaching discovery conversation and let’s define your best fitting coaching agenda together.

Product Leadership coaching

You are leading a team of product roles in your organization and want to have support for you and your product team to effectively create the impact you want? You wonder how to balance OKRs, your discovery work, your roadmap work, and delivery with meeting stakeholder expectations, while never losing focus on the value, usability, feasibility and viability of your product? You’d like to find ways to focus more on innovation and the behaviors and skills that power that? We will agree on an hourly package or retainer format to support you and your product team in their unique development needs. Specific attention will be paid to the challenges of working with fully remote or hybrid product teams. Schedule a free initial leadership discovery consultation to find the best fitting approach.

Building Thriving Hybrid and Remote Teams

What are some tried and tested approaches to create a sense of team spirit, belonging and inclusivity in your hybrid or remote team? How do you intentionally build psychological safety into your team? How do you develop your team into a high performing team, that people enjoy working in? After defining your team goals we engage in a series of sessions to see a tangible impact on the engagement metrics in your team. This work can be done with you as an individual; in group settings with your leadership team and/or with a specific team in your organization. We’ll define the best approach together in a free initial consultation.

Over my career, I have worked together with Simonetta for around ten years (first at, later at, and I can wholeheartedly recommend her, both personally and professionally. Simonetta is super smart, a true problem-solver, and also a very experienced and knowledgeable leader, who is well-versed in international, remote, diverse and inclusive settings.

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