What does healthy high-performance look like?

I started the year with this question in mind because I remember how tired, stressed and overwhelming it often felt to face the demands of my leadership (or product) role, and at the same time also wanting to be present, joyful and available to my partner, my friends, my family and my dance community. IContinue reading “What does healthy high-performance look like?”

Learning with your product team

For many years I have worked with product teams. And while there are certainly overarching skills, tools and insights for every product role to have, it is just as true that no two product teams are working in the exact same context. So thinking that you can take what works for one product team andContinue reading “Learning with your product team”

Navigating life and work with joy

Wouldn’t we all want to simply have somebody giving us the recipe for a happy, successful and fulfilling life? And at work, how awesome would it be to have a handbook for how to do your job successfully while having fun? If these were not questions so many of us have on our mind, thereContinue reading “Navigating life and work with joy”

Team Building for Remote Teams

Many of us work in fully remote or hybrid teams these days. When you get hired into a leadership role for a remote or hybrid team – especially in organizations who have only worked in that style for the last two years, you may find that really challenging. There are a number of reasons whyContinue reading “Team Building for Remote Teams”

I really dislike those forced fun exercises

[Photo by Frank Leuderalbert on Unsplash] I’ve heard this so many times. I really dislike those organized fun games at work and I really don’t want to be a part of it. And at the same time we are all experiencing a massive loss of joy and connection that happened as a result of notContinue reading “I really dislike those forced fun exercises”