Why do you need presence to build great products?

Let’s maybe start by looking at some of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to build great products: I could keep going with that list, and I know it well because I have made every mistake on that list at some point. Which brings me to the quality of presence, which is lackingContinue reading “Why do you need presence to build great products?”

Agile makes sick

“Agile makes sick” was the provocative title of one of the sessions I joined at the Agile Cologne open space a few weeks ago. Obviously the session title was meant to provoke. Obviously the person bringing the topic deeply valued agile ways of working in principle. And yet: he had good examples of people whoContinue reading “Agile makes sick”

Navigating life and work with joy

Wouldn’t we all want to simply have somebody giving us the recipe for a happy, successful and fulfilling life? And at work, how awesome would it be to have a handbook for how to do your job successfully while having fun? If these were not questions so many of us have on our mind, thereContinue reading “Navigating life and work with joy”