About Me

I help people transform and teams thrive, so they can build the impact, lifes and products that matter.

Simonetta Batteiger

Founder Inclusive Leaders,
Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Product Coach,
Product Enthusiast, Team Builder, Remote Leadership Expert

What I do

Why work with me?

You’ll get coached by somebody who personally knows what it is like to be in an executive role leading co-located, hybrid and remote teams. I’ve worked as a product and business leader in Tech organizations both in the United States as well as in Europe for more than a decade before starting my own business. I know what the challenges are.

I bring many years of hands on experience building high performing teams. And have practical tools on how to build that magic psychological safety into your team. Something that starts with you as a leader in the team. By growing and transforming your own behaviors and habits, you will role model the habits of psychological safety in your team. Independent of whether or not you have a formal leadership role.

I love to accompany my clients on their journey of personal growth and transformation. This lays the foundation for their personal and business success. We’ll work to strengthen your capabilities to build the life, the teams, products and impact that matters to you and our world.

Privately, I love to travel, cook with and for people, make art, dance argentine tango, learn new things, spend time with my friends and work towards a more loving, connected and collaborative world. We have big challenges to solve as humanity, let’s take them on together!

Pricing and Availability

I am currently working with clients in Europe and in North America (United States and Canada).

I typically charge EUR 200/h for 1:1 coaching sessions. We can also engage with slightly discounted 8-hour packages. Workshop pricing depends on half-day or daily engagements. Team engagements will be billed on retainer basis. Webinar and Speaking engagement pricing depends on the topic and scale of the engagement. Sliding scale pricing is available for new founders of sustainability or social justice businesses.

For further details on pricing, get in touch via email: simonetta@inclusiveleaders.de

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In this hour we will explore what leadership, product or coaching challenges you are currently facing and will discuss a possible approach. You’ll receive a complimentary coaching session to experience what it is like to work with me.

Over my career, I have worked together with Simonetta for around ten years (first at sedo.com, later at eyeo.com), and I can wholeheartedly recommend her, both personally and professionally. Simonetta is super smart, a true problem-solver, and also a very experienced and knowledgeable leader, who is well-versed in international, remote, diverse and inclusive settings.

Tim Schumacher – Entrepreneur and Investor

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