Useful leadership skills for product roles

When I took my first product role, the main thing I was interested in learning was about specific product skills. How to build a roadmap, what Scrum is, how to write user stories and requirements, what a product vision or strategy is, specific technical domain knowledge like how an API functions and how you mightContinue reading “Useful leadership skills for product roles”

What senior leaders can learn from product teams

I keep looking at these two topics – leadership and product work – as I have deep roots with both of them. When I look back into my most recent corporate role, I believe that a large part of the success of the teams I was working with, was rooted in me leading that entireContinue reading “What senior leaders can learn from product teams”

Wellbeing matters for high performance at work

This actually should not come as a surprise to anybody. If you had to define what hinders you to do focused and challenging work, you’d likely mention things like feeling tired, stressed, hungry, cold or too hot, sad, pressured, angry, anxious or in pain. When thinking of states of being, that are conducive to deepContinue reading “Wellbeing matters for high performance at work”

Let’s talk about power!

I remember well, when me and my technical Co-Lead did some work on values at the beginning of our working relationship. We got our results from a survey on personal values, and he was totally surprised to see that I ranked very low on valuing “power”. He had, up until that point, been convinced, thatContinue reading “Let’s talk about power!”

Women are natural leaders – we just don’t think of ourselves as leaders

If you follow what is going on with any of the latest research on what creates innovation and thriving teams, you’ll quickly understand that there are a lot of leadership principles and values at play that simply come natural to women: The only thing women often don’t bring is the confidence that they are andContinue reading “Women are natural leaders – we just don’t think of ourselves as leaders”

Building a sense of interconnection into a team

We all know that sense of shared experience when we sit around a campfire with a group of people. Teams are also made of multiple people coming together to jointly go after a specific goal. And very often new teams struggle to figure out how to actually arrive at a sense of “we” as aContinue reading “Building a sense of interconnection into a team”

Creating a context to thrive in

When I’m watching kids play, it’s striking that they create whole worlds out of their imagination, using whatever is there to work as props and tools. And what they don’t have, they simply make up. I’ve been “served coffee” (imaginary fluid pouring out of a sand mold and into a fist), I’ve been given giftsContinue reading “Creating a context to thrive in”

The secret sauce to successful hybrid or remote teams

There is no “simply going back” to how we used to work in an office after two years of us first being forced to, and then getting used to working remote. People rightfully want to keep having the advantages of the added flexibility and better work/life balance a remote or hybrid work style offers toContinue reading “The secret sauce to successful hybrid or remote teams”

Psychological safety does not magically feel good

Many of us have read the research by Google on psychological safety as a signifier of high performing teams. And many organizations, team leaders and team members would love it, if we could simply turn a switch and voilà, our team has psychological safety. So why is it so hard to get psychological safety bakedContinue reading “Psychological safety does not magically feel good”

Emotions in Leadership

Whether we like it or not, and however much we’d like to think of ourselves as rational human beings, we are living in bodies that have strong ties to their emotions. And if we are leading a team of other human beings, we are not only connected to them through rational thought (think goals, projects,Continue reading “Emotions in Leadership”