Every human deserves to belong

Inclusive leaders create that space

It is the foundation of high performing teams AND
the rocketfuel of innovation.


This site hosts my my blog on inclusive leadership and my thoughts on why it matters. I coach leaders on approaches and behaviors that will foster psychological safety, a sense of belonging, inclusivity and trust in their teams. As a result they work with more joyful, more innovative, more engaged and overall better performing teams. You want support and tools to create this in your hybrid or remote team? Let’s talk!

Inclusive Leadership acts as THE strategic enabler for High Performing Teams. It is the foundation and rocket fuel of Innovation. Your teams, your products, your strategic partnerships and business development efforts all thrive on a foundation of networking, diversity, cooperation and generosity with an aim for equal collaboration and joint success. In short the same behaviors that an interdependent and inclusive mindset will result in.

Not choosing to focus on inclusivity has tangible negative effects on your organization’s bottom line. You’ll pay the price in high attrition, lack of engagement, poor mental and physical health of your staff and ultimately losing out in competition with teams that get this right.

Any high performing team I have watched or led shared a foundation of psychological safety, good interpersonal relationships, trust, diversity, generosity and collaboration. These teams focus on both: equal, trusting relationships AND excellent ambitious outcomes. They understand that risk taking, frank and open conversations, not shying away from difficult conversations, constructive feedback and a continuous focus on mastery is what enables their success. They take risks, fail fast, learn from their mistakes and have a clear sense of the direction in which they are moving. Every single member of those teams acts like a leader in a team of equals.

I am coaching senior executives and senior product leaders to help them navigate the challenges of hybrid and remote team contexts. I also help new leaders to step into their leadership role with more confidence and better skills. You can work with me by booking an individual coaching plan, a workshop, a webinar or a speaking engagement. I’m particularly interested in empowering leaders in the social justice and sustainability spaces with creating high performing teams that let them achieve their purpose and mission.

I blog about leadership topics, high performing teams, innovation, product leadership, leadership in hybrid and remote teams and why a focus on empowering and inclusive culture enables success for every team:

How to find your authentic leadership style?

When you are female and leading in Tech, you will find some of the leadership behaviors of your successful white male peers in conflict with what you care about. Their leadership style works for them, yet it is simply not what you want to copy or how you want to be as a leader. Your…

Resilience boosts your effectiveness as a leader

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. It’s about navigating life and its challenges with resources in your toolkit, despite all those curveballs life throws at you. It’s your ability to keep living and creating, after your spouse died, despite the war in your country, in spite of a pandemic and/or despite a…

The art of self-leadership

Leadership starts with leading yourself. Leadership ultimately is about co-creating something with a group of people who want to shape the world around them in an agreed upon direction. The role of leaders in that space is about creating the space for collaboration, positively influencing and empowering the relationships in the space, and making sure…

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